Grizz & The Farm

With all my years of growing in the hills I had always dreamed of having a legal cannabis farm here in my home state. Since my great grandpa originally posed for the California state flag my family has had a long standing tradition here. I knew I had to do something special to continue the family name.

40 Acres to Grow Fire Weed

Located in the heart of California my farm is located right on the inside crest of the coastal ranges. This very unique and sought after climate is superb for agriculture. Protecting us from the high humidity and rain on the coast and providing us with long summers and mild fall and winter weather. There is a common misconception people think we hibernate all winter because it’s cold, when in reality we are just trimming our summer harvest.

Grown by a OG

We produce a variety of cannabis for my product lines. Full term sun grown flower, hoop house spring and summer flower and my pride and joy, a state of the art climate controlled supplemental lit greenhouse that produces super premium quality cannabis.

Along with our own on site nursery to test and grow our own genetic lineages. Everything on this farm is single sourced and grown by me and my crew.