Grown in the golden hills and fruited valleys of California. These neon bright colored bags contain my classics line up

· Fresh menu year round with a rotating collection of popular hype strains, funky exotics and old favorites

· Slow cured and hand trimmed flower by the 1/8th

· We select only THC rich varieties for our classic collection

· Available in indica, hybrid and sativa varieties

If you’re looking for a smoke that smooth, tasty and easy on the wallet. My pre-rollz will hit the spot.

· Filled with a blend of baby buds and sugar leaf

· Rolled with strain specific batches

· One gram packed in a cone

· Available in indica, sativa and hybrid varieties

West Coast Treez Premium Line of Flower – The finest mixed light cannabis of our hand-selected flowers. Our small-batch strains offer complex flavors and potent effects.

· Premium Mixed Light Flower

· Craft Genetics

· Limited Batches

· Featuring Prime Ape Planet NFTS on each pouch

Dime size nugs that pack a big buzz

· Same great quality in a smaller flower size

· Great for blunts and parties

· Available in 1/8th and 1/2 ounce bags

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