My Name is Grizz

and this is my story

Born in the hills of Grass Valley, CA. My family has been here for generations working with the humans and over the years I have had many notable bears in my family. One of my most famous relatives is my cousin Smokey. Him and I grew up together, we attended the fire academy together, but unlike my cousin who excelled at the academy, I got kicked out for smoking a joint in my dorm and growing weed plants behind the water tanks. I took this as a sign I was born to do something different. I wasn’t born to put out fires, I was born to grow fire weed. Over the next couple decades I laid low, grew my weed in the hills and perfected my craft while collecting some of the best genetics California has to offer.

We Call it the Best Coast

There is a reason everybody wants Cali weed. It’s a small piece of the California dream you can roll up and smoke. But it’s not just that, the weather out here is perfect for growing weed and I have been here doing it since the beginning. We have the genetics, we have the growers, we have the culture that let cannabis thrive and it shows in our end product.